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Tabex® is the effective product for smoking cessation.

The safe and natural way!

Tabex® is the effective product for smoking cessation.

Tabex® is the effective product for smoking cessation.


Tabex Australia, USA and Worldwide

At ‘Tabex Cytisine’ we aim to provide our customers with a safe, natural and successful way to help give up smoking. We are confident you will love the positive health benefits of Tabex by Sopharma.

Tabex tablets contain the plant extract Cytisine which has been reported to help tobacco related cravings. The popularity and demand in Australia and worldwide has sky rocketed in recent years. Buy Tabex Australia, USA and Worldwide.

Let us help you finally give up smoking for good!

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Avoid counterfeit products on the market and purchase Tabex® confidently from Tabexcytisine.com today.

We ship Tabex worldwide . Average Tabex delivery to Australia and USA is only 10 working days. Full tracking is provided Worldwide to ensure a fast and prompt delivery. Tracking is available upon request after ordering so please email us. We do not ship to the UK due to new legislation.

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Developed in Bulgaria, Tabex® Cytisine is the anti‑smoking product manufactured by ‘Sopharma Bulgaria’.

Tabex® is completely free from harmful ingredients such as Nicotine, making it an incredibly safe and natural way to give up smoking. Try and give up smoking today with us! Buy Tabex  for delivery to Australia and USA today.

Demand has now increased tenfold for with more than 10 million packets sold worldwide! With harmful alternatives currently on the market such as nicotine replacement products medics are confident Tabex® will eventually be available on the NHS. Trials have demonstrated how our product can boost the chances of quitting smoking for good by four-fold.

Tabex is a natural extract available as an over the counter product without prescription and available in herbal stores.

About Tabex®

Tabex® is a 100% natural smoking cessation product containing Cytisine which is a natural plant extract.

During World War II, the leaves of the Cytisus Laburnum plant (plant containing the substance Cytisine) were used by smokers as a tobacco substitute as it helps with tobacco related cravings.

See below the possible benefits of Sopharma’s product in relation to other smoking cessation products.

plant based image Plant Based
no addictive tabex image Non Addictive
nicotine free image Nicotine Free
minimum side effects image Minimum Side Effects

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The astonishing benefits of the Laburnum Tree
Tabex is developed naturally on the basis of Cytisine contained in the plant Cytisus laburnum (Golden Rain acacia)
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What the news says..
Sky News
“The benefits of Tabex® are comparable with those of other treatments, but at a fraction of the cost. Tabex® is a natural and healthy product to help give up smoking”
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Testimonials from happy customers

Brett Williams, Canada, 10/01/2024
"Tabex is so effective". After years of struggling I found smething that worked!"
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Andy Jenkins, Australia, 07/12/2023
"Tabex is the real deal"
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Bryan Farmer, Melbourne, Australia, 28/12/2023
"I had to give up for health reasons"
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Video featuring Tabex®

In The News – Watch a Sky News interview on Tabex®.

The original anti-smoking product since 1977! Tabex® has helped millions around the globe from Europe, Australia and USA kick their smoking habit.

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