Tabex is 100% natural and is based on the plant extract Cytisine.
Tabex is 100% natural and is based on the plant extract Cytisine.

What is Tabex®? Tabex Cytisine

Tabex Ingredients

1 box contains 100 tablets of tabex. Each tablet contains 1.5mg of cytisine which is a natural plant extract. Tabex is manufactured by Sopharma who are based in poland and bulgaria.

Tabex® is an original Bulgarian stop smoking aid from the plant origin intended for the treatment of giving up smoking. The preparation is developed naturally on the basis of alkaloid Cytisine contained in the plant Cytisus laburnum (Golden Rain acacia). Therefore Tabex is often referred to as Tabex Cytisine.

Broad clinical studies carried out highlight that therapy with the preparation of Tabex® results in individuals giving up smoking in more than 57% of patients.

Cytisine possesses a structure and mechanism of action that are similar to nicotine, but it has a much lower toxicity. Tabex® manifests as one of the best results to date for the preperation intended for successful smoking therapy.

The maximum giving up of smoking should take place no later than the fifth day after the beginning of the therapy. Tabex® are supplied in a package of 100 film tablets of 1.5 mg Citysine.

There is 1.5mg of pure cytisine per tablet of Tabex®.

Join the millions around the globe and quit smoking. Tabex® have been successfully produced in Bulgaria since the 1960’s.

Tabex® by Sopharma. Buy Tabex® with free worldwide delivery.

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